Faculty of Textile Engineering Programmes

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Faculty of Textile Engineering TU in Liberec offers higher education in the following study programmes:

  • Bachelor study programmes,
  • Follow-up Master or Master study programmes,
  • Ph.D. study programmes.

Study programs are being accomplished in different fields. All study programs are accredited in Czech and English language and in full-time and part-time forms. Bachelor graduates may apply in production and business organizations of various scales, or they can continue their studies in master programs. Master graduates are eligible to apply at any branch of the textile and clothing industry and research, in production cooperatives and small business, in the sphere of trade in textile goods and in vocational education. Ph.D. graduates can apply primarily as researchers and developers in industry, research institutes and universities.

Admission procedure for academic year 2019/2020

Faculty of Textile Engineering opened the FIRST ROUND of the admission procedure from 1 November 2018 with deadline on 31 March 2019. For the branch Textile and Fashion Design, the deadline is on 28 February 2019. Talent Examination for Textile and Fashion Design will take place in the second half of March 2019 and applicants will receive the details via e-mail.
For the branch Textile Technics and Material Engineering (PhD study programme), the deadline is on 15 February 2019.
Decisions about admission or failure will be sent to applicants in middle of June 2019 (only candidates who have a paid an application fee and have completed their previous education or Recognition of previous education). Other decisions will be sent continuously upon submission of the Certificate of diploma or Recognition of previous education.

After completing and submitting the electronic application forms, their printed and signed originals (scans), together with all other required documents, will be accepted by the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Textile Engineering of Technical University of Liberec, Studentská 2, 461 17 Liberec 1, Czech Republic. More information at: http://www.ft.tul.cz/en, e-mail: international.ft@tul.cz.