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Abdur Razzaque | Ft.Tul.cz

Jméno: Abdur Razzaque
Pracoviště: Katedra hodnocení textilií, budova E3
Telefon: +420 48 535 3730
E-mail: araztm29@yahoo.com
Pozice: Ph.D. student
Školitel: Ing. Pavla Těšinová, Ph.D.
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Téma disertační práce: Evaluation of hydrostatic resistance of laminated materials with the focus on their construction and structure

Outdoor or sportswear manufacturers favor layered clothing of softshell laminated materials due to technical and functional purposes. The biggest challenge for the manufacturers is to make softshell material with very good water-vapor permeability caused by very permeable membrane but with also thin upper material as resistant as possible against water column and protective thin lining or inner material. And this softshell material should have proper tensile strength in order to protect deformation under pressure. The goal of the research work is to determine hydrostatic resistance of the laminated materials with good water-vapor permeability and proper tensile strength focusing on their construction and structure.