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Asif Elahi Mangat | Ft.Tul.cz

Jméno: Asif Elahi Mangat
Pracoviště: Katedra hodnocení textilií, budova E3
Telefon: +420 48 535 3730
E-mail: asifmangat@gmail.com
Pozice: Ph.D. student
Školitel: prof. Ing. Luboš Hes, DrSc., Dr.h.c.
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Téma disertační práce: Impact of surface profile of polyester knitted rib on thermal conductivity, thermal resistance and water vapour permeability

One of the essential necessities of apparel is security of human skin from sudden changes in surrounding temperature. One of the characterizations of apparel is taking into account its utilization; inner and external wear. Inner wear attire is utilized to shield human skin from any high temperature loss of human body. Outwear garments is additionally utilized for insurance of human body from frosty temperature. However outwear additionally fills the need of social solace. It upgrades the identity and gives a mental fulfilment to clients. In any case, sometimes such outerwear additionally serves to ensure human body in separate icy conditions. Thermal conductivity and thermal resistance are fundamental parameters most vital figures determination the attire. An alternate element, which is connected with warm-cool feeling, is thermal absorptivity. This study is a push to expound the part of thermal absorptivity.