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Smita Shamsunder Boob, MCA | Ft.Tul.cz

  Jméno: Smita Shamsunder Boob
Pracoviště: Katedra hodnocení textilií, budova E3
Telefon: +420 48 535 3548
E-mail: smita.shamsunder.boob@tul.cz
Pozice: Ph.D. student
Školitel: doc. Ing. Maroš Tunák, Ph.D.
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Téma disertační práce: Structure analysis of textile materials by computed microtomography

The topic of disertation thesis is structure analysis of textile materials properties, either planar or linear (particle, fiber, yarn, fabric, composites etc.), by using computed microtomography (micro-CT).The micro-CT offers many advantages like nondestructively analysis, automatic operationand high resolution image acquisition.The numerical analysis of microscopy images will be carried out using image analysis software, which works by analysing the individual pixels that make up the image cross-section. The goal of the thesis is to propose an algorithm for 3D reconstruction of 2D image slices from mico-CT, to create a 3D model of textile sample and to estimate important volume properties of textile samples.