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Ing. Jiří Chvojka Ph.D.

Name: Jiří Chvojka
Work place: Department of nonwovens and nanofibrous materials, building B
Telephone: +420 48 535 3230
E-mail: jiri.chvojka@tul.cz
Position: assistant researcher
Consulting hours: Wednesday 10:40 - 16:10
Web of Science (RID): ResearcherID
Scopus (AIS): Author Identifier SCOPUS
Research Gate: Research Gate
Personal webpage: www

Research interests:
Technology and development of nanofibrous materials for tissue engineering, materials for medical uses, nanofibrous materials for filtration and engineering applications.
Research areas mainly involve medical textiles, chemical and thermal technologies for nonwovens productions, research of special collectors for electrospinning, new fiber production technologies and combining current technologies for production of composite materials.

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