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9.10.2020 Dear students, academics,

In connection with the Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 997 of October 8, 2020 on the Adoption of a Crisis Measure, the personal presence of students at classes is prohibited in the period October 12 – 25, 2020. Tuition will run by distance form only. TUL buildings will be closed, just employees are allowed to enter via the chip card. Current information can be found at the TUL Rector's Order No. 12/2020 (revision dated 9.10.2020).

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Ing. Jana Drašarová, Ph.D., Dean of FT

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23.9.2020 Dear students,

Given the current situation, certain restrictions in teaching can be expected for the coming semester. These are (and will be) specified mainly by current regulations of the Ministry of Health or the recommendations of the regional hygienic station. In the current situation, "hybrid" teaching (combination of full-time and distance forms of education) is assumed under increased hygienic measures (especially wearing face-masks in a building outside the classroom, or the teacher can ask students to use face-masks during teaching), where:

  • In the event that you are ordered to quarantine or show symptoms of a viral infectious disease (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath, sudden loss of taste and smell, etc.), you must report it immediately; you will be informed as soon as the relevant form is ready.
  • Currently, no changes are planned in the beginning and organization of the winter semester of the academic year 2020/2021 - the study schedule applies.
  • It is possible to expect restrictions on full-time teaching; the state may change during the semester.
  • We ask students to check the timeliness of their contact details in STAG (phone, e-mail). The TUL email address must be used in communication with teachers.
  • Regularly follow the information on the faculty website, read e-mails from the study department and from teachers. FT is ready to react immediately and flexibly to any change or escalation of the situation.
  • Attendance at all classes will be recorded (including lectures).
  • It is possible that the teaching will be adapted to current hygiene measures, i.e. it will be changed according to the situation in the form of e.g. accumulation of exercises for periods with less restrictions, division of exercises into smaller groups, which will alternate in exercises once every two weeks, etc. Teachers will inform about it in advance by bulk email from IS STAG.
  • Even if distance teaching is ordered, teaching will take place according to the schedule, which should avoid possible conflicts in the requirements of individual teachers (i.e., for example, video conferencing will take place at the time of the set in the schedule, as well as solving assigned tasks). - according to the teacher's instructions - you should perform exercises at the time of the schedule, etc.).
  • Solve any problems (illness or suspicion, quarantine, technical problems, inability to contact the teacher, problems with fulfilling study obligations, etc.) with your teachers and the study department as soon as possible until a solution can be found.

At present, I consider consideration, responsibility and collegiality to be key. I ask that all students (including employees) are responsible and remain outside the team in a situation where they feel any symptoms of the disease.

 Quod bonum, felix, faustum, fortunatumque sit. (May it be for good, happiness, welfare and well-being.)


Jana Drašarová

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