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The Main Scientific and Research Activities are Focused on: | Ft.Tul.cz

  • special fibers and materials (with specialization in basalt fibers and examination of their ultimate mechanical properties, side illuminating optical fibers, fibers with enhanced electrical conductivity, metalic fibers with shape memory and carbon nanopowders)
  • evaluation of textiles hand (with specialization in objective procedures of hand prediction and calibration model creation) 
  • composites on the basis of carbon and basalt fibers (with specialization in examining the textile component properties and selected thermal and mechanical properties)
  • microscopy and image analysis application (with specialization in procedures suitable for textile structure analysis, textile surfaces and evaluation of surface evenness).
  • thermomechanical analysis (with specialization in development of methods of investigation of combined thermal and mechanical field’s exposition of textile structures)
  • quality management (with specialization in complex quality evaluation and nontraditional computer-oriented procedures)
  • experimental data treatment (with specialization in modeling and specific textile induced problems)
  • development of active safety textiles with fiber-optics
  • development of textiles resistant to electromagnetic radiation
  • theoretical application studies of dyeing and printing of natural and synthetic fibers, textile pretreatment and finishing, functional dye testing, chemical-textile analyses of textile materials, dyes and auxiliary materials, as well as on the environmental aspects of all textile production and maintenance technologies.
  • development of textile material structure components (opticalfiber materials, smart structures, encapsulation, use of PCM in textile structures, etc.).
  • application of nanolayers and nanoelements in textile structures
  • in the area of colorimetry, the research is focused on the theoretical aspects of evaluation of color differences under various conditions of lighting and observing.
  • development of textile sensorial systems for identification of hazardous radiations, gases and chemicals.