Faculty of Textile Engineering Programmes

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Electronic application
Written application to address Technical University of Liberec
Faculty of Textile Engineering
Study Dept. - Office of International Affairs
Studentska 1402/2
461 17 Liberec 1
Czech Republic
Application fee Payment via credit/debit card or bank transfer only

Details for the payment via bank transfer:

Name of account holder: Technicka univerzita v Liberci
Name of Bank: CSOB (Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, a.s.)
Bank address: 1. maje 79/18, Liberec, Czech Republic
IBAN*: CZ1603000000000681641013
Amount: USD 100

In the note to your bank transaction you must provide the following identifiers: /VS/649132 and /SS/4905+branch number in your electronic application form.

*   IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
**  SWIFT or BIC (Bank Identifier Code)

You can also pay by credit/debit card, QR code or payment gateway is available in your e-application form after log-in to the system.

Candidate must send a certified copy of the transfer of finances payable to the institution. Application form will be registered only after payment of an administrative fee. The fee is not refundable. It is possible to study in multiple fields, however, a separate application and payment of administrative fee is required for each specialization.