Faculty of Textile Engineering Research

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  • New Materials
    Utilization of new materials in field of apparel and technical textiles; development of composite structures containing inorganic fibres; nanoparticles and textile reinforcement; construction and evaluation of smart textiles.

  • Metrology and New Methods of Quality Evaluation
    Computer aided modelling of textile structures and properties; development of new method in comfort evaluation; quality evaluation of textile processes; automatic inspection of fabric defects.

  • Advanced Textile Technologies
    Development of new technologies for recent methods of textile material processing; finding of new sources of energy and modern transport media in textile processing; development of sensors suitable for use together with textile products; usage of optical fibres and materials with shape memory.

  • Application of Nanotechnologies
    Integration of nanotechnologies in the industry; production and quality improvement of nanofibres and nanofibrous layers; preparation of scaffolds for biomedical applications, utilisation of nanoparticles for special effects. FT researchers invented machine NanospiderTM for mass production of nanofibres with cooperation of industrial partner.
  • Applying the results of artistic creative activity in product design and innovation.

Costs related to offering services are contractual and generally correspond to the amounts:

  • fundamental analyzes and measurements .... 500 CZK / hour without VAT
  • technical analysis including evaluation reports and consultations ....1500 CZK / hour without VAT

The official time limited offer is prepared based your demand. It takes into account the scope and complexity of requested services. If the cost of ordered services is higher than 50 000,-CZK the official contract agreement is required. Statutory representative of Technical university of Liberec, who is authorized to conclude contracts, is rector and in specific cases also dean of faculty.

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