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The Faculty of Textile Engineering (FT) (established in the year 1960) is one of the largest faculties in the EU involved in all-round textile material engineering. 


There It is possible to study textile and industrial engineering, textile materials and technologies, clothing production, marketing or design of textiles, clothing, glass and jewelry. Study programs are accredited at bachelor's, master's and doctoral level. All study programs are accredited in Czech and English language. You can choose to study in full-time or part-time forms.

Research & Development | Art & Design

Creative activities are focused on the following areas:

  • New materials
  • Metrology and new methods of quality assessment
  • Advanced textile technologies
  • Nanotechnology
  • Design, artistic creative activity

Research & Development focuses on technological and material research, in which the faculty traditionally has a high level, quality personnel background and unique equipment. FT is a renowned leader in the field of nanofibres, and the discovery of the technology of production of nanofibrous formations makes it one of the prestigious higher education institutions in the world. Its quality staffing and many specialised laboratories with cutting-edge instruments provide it with the opportunity to work on R&D&I tasks alongside with its educational function, particularly in the unique field of technological and material engineering (research and development of fibrous structures in a wide range of areas). 

Art & Design focuses on the search for new ways of artistic processing of materials and non-traditional realization of products, design of textiles, clothing, glass and jewelry. Author's artistic activity is presented through exhibitions and fashion shows.

Cooperation | Partnership

The faculty has long-term successful cooperation with many companies and world universities and institutions, and solves a lot of projects supported by various grants.