Faculty of Textile Engineering Faculty

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  • is a centre for education, independent learning and creative work, and plays a key role in the cultural, social and economic development of society;
  • implements accredited study programs and performs creative activities related to textile materials and technologies;
  • represents a uniquely equipped scientific center within the world space.

 VISION: The FT TUL wants

  • to be an internationally recognized faculty providing elite-level Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD education in textile and other related branches.
  • affirm its respected position among faculties specializing in research and other creative work in the Czech Republic, Europe and worldwide;
  • enhance collaboration with industrial and other partners
  • participate in solving the problems of the third millennium; contribute to the development of society through the transfer of technology and knowledge.


  • to maintain, verify and develop the position of FT TUL as a research-oriented faculty which is among the leading global academic and research institutions from the similar field;
  • to do this through high-quality research and scientific work, inspiring and creative teaching and a university environment which is challenging while at the same time being open, free and kind.