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Admission to study is governed by Articles 48 to 50 of the Act and Article 4 of the TUL Statute.
The Faculty publishes the deadline and method of submission of the application forms, the conditions of admission, the deadline and the method of verification of their fulfillment. If the Entrance examination is necessary part of the admission, the Faculty publishes also the form and the framework content of the examination and criteria for its evaluation. The application deadline and application fee are in the table below.

Faculty Faculty of Textile Engineering
Study Programme Ph.D. - Textile Engineering
Language of Instruction English
Eligibility Recognised tertiary education (Master degree) as prescribed by Act No. 49/2009, Coll. (not necessary for applicants from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany and Slovenia).
Entrance examination
Duration 4 years
Fee/Academic Year USD 2000
Application Fee USD 100
Application Deadlines • February 15, 2024 (1st round)
• June 28, 2024 (2nd round – together with the valid Recognition of previous degree only)
Scholarship Erasmus+ scholarship for mobilities available

The required documents for admission:

  1. filled e-application
  2. certified copies of Master diploma and other certificates that support academic qualification
  3. Recognition of Master degree in the Czech Republic - more info here
  4. curriculum vitae (incl. exact permanent and contact postal addresses)
  5. list of publications and summary of R&D activities or practises (e.g. participation on projects, study stay outside the alma mater, special courses, etc.)
  6. letter of motivation
  7. proposal of further PhD study (the range of one A4 paper is minimum)
  8. letter of recommendation mainly the potential supervisor and Head of the department, that is selected for the applicant’s study (the special form can be used) up to 4 months old (due to the deadline for submitting the application form)
  9. confirmation about the application fee payment
  10. certificate of English language course (min. level B2) if the candidate applied for
    a doctoral study programme accredited in English and if the English language is not the official language of the applicant's country of origin
  11. certificate of Czech language course (min. level B2) if the candidate applied for
    a doctoral study programme accredited in the Czech language and if the applicant is not a citizen of the Czech Republic and does not have previous education in a study programme accredited in the Czech language.

After completing and submitting the electronic application forms, their printed and signed originals (scans), together with all other required documents, will be accepted by the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Textile Engineering of Technical University of Liberec, Studentská 2, 461 17 Liberec 1, Czech Republic.
More information at: http://www.ft.tul.cz/en, e-mail: international.ft@tul.cz.

Graduates of this PhD programme are provided with deep knowledge in their specialization, which enables creative and scientific work. They will develop communicative skills and they can clearly express their ideas and opinions. They are familiar with the methodology of processing information. They can find employment in all professions of the branch studied, especially in the research and educational spheres. They are quite well adaptable to demanding job positions in other fields as well as in interdisciplinary research. They are capable of further independent qualification development, they can solve complicated technological or engineering problems.

Basic information about the PhD study programme can be found here.