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Admission to study is governed by Articles 48 to 50 of the Act and Article 4 of the TUL Statute.
The Faculty publishes the deadline and method of submission of the application forms, the conditions of admission, the deadline and the method of verification of their fulfillment. If the Entrance examination is necessary part of the admission, the Faculty publishes also the form and the framework content of the examination and criteria for its evaluation. The application deadline and application fee are in the table below.

Faculty Faculty of Textile Engineering
Study Programme Bachelor - Production of Clothing and Technical Products
Language of Instruction English
Eligibility Recognised secondary education as prescribed by Act No. 49/2009, Coll. (not necessary for applicants from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany and Slovenia).
Duration 3 years
Fee/Academic Year USD 4000
Application Fee USD 100
Application Deadline not opened in English

The aim of the study programme is preparation of specialists for the changing conditions of the clothing production in the European region. The graduates in the branch have to be able to organize production and trade in the most efficient way while meeting the conditions of maximum flexibility at the same time, because only a fast response to the market and fashion requirements can bring required profits in clothing production. The programme makes an effort to join sufficient technical knowledge of the textile and clothing production, of textile utility properties and their quality evaluation with good management skills and trade economy, while meeting the condition of language competence at the same time. This knowledge forms a good foundation for employment of the graduates not only within the EU, but all over the world. The study programme aims at providing qualifications for entering a profession or a Master's study programme. It draws directly on current knowledge and methods while also including theoretical knowledge.