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The Department of Nonwovens and Nanofibrous Materials (KNT, originally Department of Nonwovens) is a unique department of its kind in the Czech Republic and in the world that educates qualified graduates with high education in the area of nonwovens, dealing with the tasks of basic and applied research concurrently in cooperation with Czech and foreign companies. Since its foundation in 1968, the Department has been focusing on the development of nonwoven and fibers layer production systems, as well as on theoretical material research in the given area. In the last decade, the Department of Nonwovens and Nanofibrous Materials was mainly engaged in research and development of nanofibrous materials and nanocomposites for various applications. The nanofibrous materials not only have unique filtration and acoustic properties, but they also have a huge potential in bio-medical applications. Over the last years, research connected with production and application of electrospun materials mainly by needle-less electrospinning, coaxial electrospinning, AC electrospinning, wet-electrospinning etc. Besides the electrospinning technology, main research and scientific activities of the department are focused on: Meltblown technology, centrifugal spinning, drawing of individual fibers etc.