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COVID-19 Summer Semester

10.05.2021 Dear students, dear colleagues,


From May 10, 2021, in accordance with the Extraordinary Measure of Government Resolution No. 433, Annex 1, the personal presence of students at classes and examinations is prohibited. This prohibition does not apply to:

  1. practical teaching and practice of students,
  2. participation in individual consultations (mode of 1 student + 1 academic staff member or another person),
  3. participation in exams, if the distance between individual persons is 1.5 m at least.

In accordance with the Rector's Order No. 2/2021, entry to the TUL buildings will be permitted only to the person who:

  • have undergone a negative RT-PCR test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus with a negative result no later than 7 days, or
  • have passed a negative POC test for SARS CoV-2 antigen at least 72 hours ago, or
  • proves a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 from the Ministry of Health, at least 14 days have elapsed since the last dose, or
  • have undergone laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 disease, the isolation period has expired according to the valid emergency measure of the Ministry of Health and the first positive POC antigen test for SARS CoV-2 virus or RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 virus has not expired more than 90 days, or
  • have passed, at the latest 72 hours before the employer, a test to determine the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus antigen, which is intended for self-testing or authorized by the Ministry of Health for use by a lay person, with a negative result. In case of individual consultation, there is no need to prove a negative test, if the teacher agrees.

Method of proof:
The student is obliged to upload information about fulfillment of the Conditions for entry to TUL into the information system https://liane.tul.cz/covid (test reports for students are available from April 26, 2021) - after uploading, the student obtains a verification email, which will be shown to the teacher upon request. At the same time, the input of data will be understood as a solemn declaration of the student about the truthfulness of the stated facts.
The Technical University has provided a test site for students at workplace of the Red Cross - see:

Students cannot be tested at the FT TUL.

Entrance to the buildings for employees and students of final is allowed by ISIC cards.

Doc. Ing. Vladimír Bajzík, Ph.D., Dean of FT TUL


10. 5. 2021