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4. 6. 2020

Thumbnails of organs on a chip (25:32)

A pair of young scientists from the Technical University of Liberec were given the chance to participate in the unique development of artificial human organs. Markéta Klíčová and Jakub Erben from the Technical University of Liberec were the first graduates to participate in scientific work at Harvard University. Thanks to nanotechnologies. At the American University, they helped to improve the so-called organ on the chip for several months. It is a miniature version of a human organ used to test the effects of drugs. It also functions as a test model for the development of an artificial kidney, for example.

ČT 24 

24. 8. 2019

A soldier like a chameleon.

A uniform that adapts to the environment

Scientists at the Technical University of Liberec have developed a uniform camouflage uniform for the army that can disguise the soldier in the forest and desert. When moving in the forest, the uniform has dark green shades, fades in a drier and warmer environment. It can do so thanks to the thermochromic pigments in the material from which the uniform is made.


25. 5. 2018

Nanoday in the European Parliament

Leading Czech nanotechnology companies have come to show the potential of the Czech Republic in this area. At the same time, it was another step towards fulfilling the ambitions that Czech nanotechnology has.

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14. 10. 2017

Hyde Park Civilization

Prof. Oldřich Jirsák was the main guest of the popular science-popular program Hyde Park Civilization, where he introduced the Faculty of textile engineering and the Technical university of Liberec as a Mecca of nanotechnologies. There were talks about current and perspective applications of nanofibers.

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15. 6. 2017

Czech miracles

Nano solutions made in Czech. The Czech chemist Oldřich Jirsák came up with an idea in 2003 to produce nanofibers in bulk - long, light, thin polymer fibers with enormous potential. Thanks to this, the Czech Republic has become a nano-power. A documentary series about Czechs who changed the world.

ČT 24

18. 6. 2017

Cycling jacket works like a turn signal

Technical University of Liberec introduced a new prototype of the so-called smart cycling jacket. It can signal the change of direction itself. Smart clothing is the result of the work of the scientific team of the Faculty of textile engineering, which introduced the previous version three years ago.

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12. 5. 2016


Inventions that can make life easier, and sometimes even save lives, are born in our country. Maybe at the Technical University of Liberec. For example, they recently completed the development of nanofiber artificial blood vessels, a breakthrough in medicine.

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4. 3. 2015

Home alone

Part 1: Fabrics: microfibers and novelties. Part 2: Synthetic materials.

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27. 2. 2015

Studio 6

Nanofiber membranes for clothing. Thanks to them, clothing has no competition in breathability. In other words, garments are the best in removing sweat. They are intended for athletes, but also firefighters and rescuers.


27. 5. 2014

Chameleon fabrics

Prototype dress with futuristic pattern containing pigment that reacts to UV radiation. The development of such clothing lasted 10 years.

Deutsche Welle

13. 5. 2014

High-tech fabrics from Saxony

The European textile industry has been decimated by globalization, but in Germany's Saxony, one firm has carved out a niche by making high-tech fabrics. 

Genus TV

23. 8. 2014

STYL: Smart textiles protect night riders

Faculty of textile engineering of the Technical university of Liberec in cooperation with the KALAS Sportswear s.r.o. and with Applycon s.r.o. (Plzen) and Elitronic s.r.o. (Liberec) has developed an intelligent cycling jacket that not only flashes, but also announces a change of direction and that the cyclist is braking.



 ČRo Liberec

21. 2. 2020

Guest Morning in Jested

In the past, we were able to do sports with a classic "tracksuit", today outdoor clothing is becoming a science. With the associate professor Havelka you will go through decades, remind yourself of what we have been doing, and learn about the latest trends.


29. 1. 2020

Fashion for Czech firefighters and return to Fashion Week

Czech firefighters await the so-called overflow. New representative uniforms were designed for them by designers and educators from the Faculty of textile engineering of the Technical university of Liberec. Listen to how new uniforms were created and what values ​​to embody. Together with Zuzana Veselá, designer and teacher from TUL, we invite you to an exhibition of student works and a show of Liberec students during the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week Spring Fashion Week.

ČRo Liberec

5. 9. 2019

Smart clothes for kids

It looks almost like magic. The colored bow tie on the baby's shirt will disappear as soon as the baby is at elevated temperature or overheated. Smart clothing passes information almost instantly.

ČRo Leonardo

26. 5. 2015

The smart cycling jacket takes care of the rider's comfort and safety

If you wanted to describe it in one word, you could say she's smart. We are talking about a cycling jacket that cares about the safety of its wearer. When the cyclist turns or brakes, the sensor in the smart jacket transmits a message to the built-in LEDs, which act like stop lights.

ČRo 2

16. 8. 2013

Contact Dvojky

How to find out which textiles are suitable and advantageous in their composition and properties for older people? These and other questions were answered by guest Jiří Militký, head of the Department of Materials Engineering of the Faculty of Textile Engineering, Liberec Technical University.

ČRo Radiožurnál

4. 12. 2012

Guest of Radiožurnál

An interview with Oldřich Jirsák about the development and industrial production of nanofibres, interesting moments the scientist is experiencing, but also about the financing of Czech science and marketing.

ČRo Radiožurnál

25. 2. 2009

Guest of Radiožurnál

An interview with Professor David Lukáš from the Technical University of Liberec about being a world leader in nanotechnology, transferring drugs directly to diseased cells, and a revolutionary invention that offers application across many disciplines.