Faculty of Textile Engineering Research

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Association of Universities for Textiles (Autex)

AUTEX is an organization comprising 32 European textile universities. The main objectives are: supporting students’ exchanges, stimulating academic and research staff, development of new disciplines and their application in the textile and related fields.


European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI)

FEANI is a federation of engineering specialists who are represented by national engineering associations from 31 European countries. FEANI General Secretariat has been located in Brussels since 1997. FEANI aspires after development and strengthening professional identity of engineers in Europe. It aims to strengthen the status, role and responsibility of engineering specialists in society and to simplify mutual recognition of qualifications in the engineering area by the allocation of professional title EUR ING.


European Technology Platform for Textiles & Clothing (EURATEX)

Faculty of Textile Engineering is active cooperation with „European Technology Platform for Textiles & Clothing“ in five branches

  • TEG2 Functionalization of textile materials & related processes,
  • TEG5 New textile products for technical applications,
  • TEG6 Smart textiles & garments,
  • TEG8 New product design concepts & technologies,
  • TEG9 Full life cycle & total quality management concepts,
  • HTG Industry Survey on Innovation and Standards.