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Final State Exam's areas | Ft.Tul.cz

According to the valid accreditation, the Final State Examination (FSE) at FT is conducted in the form of a professional discussion of the commission with the applicant. During the discussion, the student should convince the members of the commission about their knowledge and the ability to present and defend their knowledge.

Because the students wanted to know certain "barriers", the faculty publishes recommendations, which differ according to the fields, possibly specialization or profiles. Of course, the textile basis is mastered in all fields! Although this area is not published at all in the follow-up master's study. But the profile of a graduate of the field assumes him/her.

Thus, our final exams are not an exam in 4 subjects, as students sometimes mistakenly believe, but the given areas are only a certain guide for the commission for entering topics for discussion and for students some help for preparation.

It is not the duty of the members of the commission to ask questions from the list. The number of questions and their framework are not specified. Expert discussion is really a discussion - even on one issue from different angles.

Thematic areas for FSE (students enrolled in the 1st year of study from 2019/2020 incl.)