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The main objectives and activities

  • Use of advanced colorimetry for complex evaluation of product quality from different industry branches (textile, plastic, varnishes, cars, ceramics, paper, illumination, etc.),
  • Development of new measuring systems and construction of optical devices prototypes,
  • Development and application of SMART textile sensors on the basis of colour-changing pigments and dyes,
  • Development of methods for physical activation of textile surface that enables reduction of the amount of dyes and chemicals necessary for production of final textile product,
  • Research and development of techniques used for deposition of special textile modifications on the basis of nanotechnologies.

Specialization of the laboratory

  • UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy,
  • Spectrophotometry and microspectrophotometry,
  • Measurement of light sources,
  • Measurement of material discolouration (photo, thermo and chemochromatic textile indicators),
  • Special optical microscopy (LSCM, Polarimetric Imaging),
  • Physical surface activation,
  • Colorimetry and construction of special optical devices

LCAM was etablished in the 1999 as integral part of the department of textile materials in the Faculty of textile, Technical University of Liberec. It s a unique department not only within Czech Republic, but also in European Union. Evidence of this fact is that LCAM students from various countries like USA, UK or Australia finish special measurements for their PhD thesis. Currently, this laboratory consists of three departments namely; Laboratory of physical expositions, colorimetry and advanced colorimetry.

Specific devices and outcomes

  • Spectrophotometers with diffusion and angular measuring geometry (D/0, D/8, 45/0) for measurement of colorimetric and spectrophotometric parameters (Datacolor, Minolta, HunterLab),
  • Zehnter device for measurement of gloss at 60°, 20° and 85°,
  • Chambers for visual evaluation D65, A, TL84, CWF, Horizon (X-Rite, Datcolor),
  • Wide-range spectrophotometer SHIMADZU PC typically used for measurement of camouflage materials,
  • Microspectrophotometer NiconAvantes-LIM for measurement of spectral parameters of microscopic samples,
  • Special measuring system LCAM PHOTOCHROM for measurement of material discolouration,
  • Spectrometers and radiometers (Avantes, Minolta, Goldilux) for measurement of light sources and picture calibration,
  • Colorimeters for picture calibration and radiometric measurements (Minolta, Datacolor, X-Rite),
  • Spectrofluorimeter Jobin Yvon FL 3-11 for fluorescence measurement,
  • Exposure chambers with different light sources for activation of polymer surface,
  • Calibration standards and color atlas (Munsell, NCS, PANTONE, CIBA, CERAM) for tone identification and for verification of measuring systems accuracy.
Laboratory Color and Appearance Measurement