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Laboratory of Tissue Engineering | Ft.Tul.cz

The main objectives and activities

  • Development of nano / micro fiber and fiber composite materials suitable for use in tissue engineering (refund cartilage, bone, blood vessels, nerve and skin tissues),
  • Testing cytotoxicity of materials,
  • Static and dynamic biological in-vitro testing of surface and 3D structures,
  • The development and testing of system transport of medicines (drug delivery),
  • Research and development of new fiber spinning principles leading to production technologies for nanofibres and nanofibrous composite materials,
  • Development and production of textile composite materials for healthcare (wound covers, bandages).

Specialization of the laboratory

  • Research and development of biodegradable tissue engineering (Intelligent wound covers, artificial vascular grafts, replacement of bone and cartilage),
  • Focus on nanofibers, composite materials, foams, 3D structures and linear units,
  • Morphological analysis of manufactured materials using optical (including fluorescence), electron microscopy and EDS analysis,
  • Testing of materials in-vitro using selected cell cultures (3T3, NHDF, HUVEC, MG63, Hecate) for cytotoxicity, cell adhesion promoter, viability and degree proliferation of cells (MTT assay Fluorescence microscopy and SEM) and cartilage.


  • Institute of Experimental Medicine
  • ASCR
  • 2nd Faculty of Medicine
  • Regional Hospital Liberec
Laboratory of Tissue Engineering