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The main objectives and activities

  • Systematic extension of basic database standards for all types of textiles designed for protective clothing, bed linens and technical applications,
  • Development and application of new and non-standard (unconventional) measuring methods for achievement of optimal tools for evaluation of fabric hand and technical textiles.

Specialization of laboratory

  • Evaluation of fabric hand by KES - FB system (Kawabata Evaluation System for Fabrics), 
  • Development and verification of specific methods for determination of fabric hand with alternative approaches,
  • Development and verification of methods for determination of fabric hand.

Specific devices and outcomes

Touch represents basic qualitative characteristics of clothing textiles such as creasing, softness, fullness, THV (Total hand value) etc., Formulations of fabric hand are guaranteed by International bodies for standardization of hand evaluation (The Hand Evaluation and Standardization Committee, The Textile Machinery Society of Japan).

Laboratory of KES - FB (Kawabata Evaluation System for Fabrics) is a unique system of devices for testing six basic mechanical properties of textiles like tensile, shear, bending, compressibility, coefficient of friction and surface roughness. On the basis of these properties, it is possible to determine THV (Total Hand Value) and to make an objective evaluation of fabric hand.

In the laboratory, it is possible to make a subjective evaluation of fabric hand and compare it with objective evaluation according to conventions and standards.

Laboratory of Hand Evaluation