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The Department of Material Engineering (KMI) focuses on the area of textile and special fibers (structure, properties, use), textile metrology (textile properties measurement principles, analysis of results, prediction model construction, surface analysis), composites with textile reinforcement (geometric structure, thermal and mechanical properties, special inorganic fibers), experimental data treatment (univariate and multivariate exploratory data analysis, calibration, regression) and textile quality control (utility value, hand, appearance, surface properties). Department further specializes in the chemical technologies of textile finishing, the production and development of SMART textile materials, advanced colorimetry, environmental aspects of textile production, and last but not least, utilization of historical methods of textile production and maintenance. The department has numerous laboratories for teaching students in Bachelor's and Master's degrees (metrology of fibers and textile structures, image analysis) and post-graduate studies and research across whole faculty (general and special microscopy, advanced spectrophotometry, particle size analysis, modification of textile structures by plasma, laser, microwaves or ultarsound, thermal and thermomechanical properties, dynamic mechanical properties, electrical properties, and many others). The department also guarantees education in MATLAB and deals with the development of software applications for experimental data processing and measurement results.