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The Department of Textile Technologies focuses on the modeling of spinning and weaving processes and systems, their optimization, structure modeling and properties of yarns, woven and knitted planar textiles; development of software for prediction and optimization of the properties of yarn and fabrics including visualization; development of new types of special textiles with higher added value for clothing and technical applications, ring spinning system modification and development of new yarn types; theory of textile unevenness and its application; development of new laboratory procedures for verification of the quality of non-standard textile properties. In terms of education, the Department specializes in two major areas. One is the area of textile technologies including spinning, weaving and knitting, in which we focus on the issue of technologies, technological systems and processes,  machinery and the theory and modeling of technological systems, processes and fiber formations. The other, no less important area, is of the structure and properties of textiles focused on relations in the line of fiber-yarn-planar textiles – production technology, design of textile properties and textile mechanics.