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Information for students of the last year of study

 Dear students of the last year of study,

In connection with the announcement of new changes in the Measures of the Government of the Czech Republic, students of the last year are allowed to attend the university on a limited basis for consultations, laboratories and examinations, individually also to the library from April 20, 2020.

The Dean announced the modification of the Faculty Timetable for the Final State Examination (FSE):
1st date of FSE from June 15, 2020 till July 3, 2020 (registration for FSE + submission of Diploma Theses till May 29, 2020) (Note: the date is postponed by 14 days compared to the original date)
2nd date of FSE from August 24, 2020 till September 11, 2020 (login to FSE + submission of Diploma Theses till August 10, 2020)

Now, please do the following:

1 / In response to this email, please inform the Study Department without delay whether you will attend the FSE in June or September or will not go to the FSE until the next academic year.

2 / In the week from April 20, 2020, contact your supervisor and check that all the conditions for its successful submission (including the check of entering the work in the STAG) are met. With your supervisor, kindly also specify the need for measurements in the laboratories of the university. If you are unable to contact the supervisor, contact the secretary or the Head of the Department.

3 / Check correct registration of all credits and examinations in STAG, or contact the teacher for further information.

4 / From April 27, 2020, the Faculty plans to teach subjects for students of the last years according to specially modified schedules with regard to the needs of laboratory and operational exercises. The timetables will be published on the Faculty website and students will be informed about them by e-mail. We are aware of the need for an individual approach!

Jana Drašarová, Dean

The Faculty reserves the right to change the given schedule according to the current epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic.

16. 4. 2020