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State Doctoral Exam (SDE) in the Doctoral
study programme is governed by Article 22 of the Study and Examination Regulations
of the Technical University of Liberec.

The application for the SDE, accompanied by a statement from the supervisor (including
attachments) is submitted by the DSP student after fulfilling all the obligations set out for
individual study plan through the study department for
doctoral studies.

As a rule, the SDE will take place within 90 days from
of the submission of the application for this examination.

After the processing of the "Application form for State Doctoral Exam (SDE)", the appointment of the committee, and the determination of the date and location of the examination, the
the student is informed through the Doctoral Studies Office
usually at least 14 days before the SDE.

The student is informed of the result of the SDZ
including the report.


Forms for PhD Examination in PhD Study Programme

Actual PhD Examinations can be found in faculty Office Board.