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Fibrous microplastics
prof. Ing. Jiří Militký, CSc.
Microplastics are a one of major environmental problems today. The most dangerous and the most common are fibrous microplastics, which are released from textiles during their normal use. The main goal of the research will be minimization of the microplastics emission. The procedures for the quantification of fiber microplastics will be proposed. The connections between the textile structure and the emission of fibrous microplastics will be investigated.

Chemical recycling of textiles
Supervisor: prof. Ing. Jakub Wiener, Ph.D.
The recycling of textiles is one of the fundamental goals for a sustainable society. Currently, applicable technologies for recycling textile and clothing wastes are not very efficient. Within this topic, chemical and physical procedures for recycling textiles, including textiles from mixed materials, will be developed. The goal of the work will be the investigation of separation and recycling procedures for cellulose and polyester fibers. As part of this topic, new technology developed and verified at our department will be applied.