Content of Online Summer School 2024 | Ft.Tul.cz

The basic mission and aim of the summer school is to clarify the process of the production of woven as well as knitted fabric, from the initial idea connected to the application of fabric to its final production using two main textile technologies: weaving and knitting. The participants are acquainted with general industrial processes of fabric production in weaving and knitting technology as well as with the definition of basic machine parameters needed for preparation of fabric construction. They use industrial equipment in the technological laboratories of the Department of Technologies and Structures of Faculty of Textile Engineering, Technical University of Liberec.

The participants choose whether they want to work with woven fabric construction or knitted fabric construction, see the schedule of the weaving and knitting sections below.

The variety of textile structures applicable in various applications leads us to the fact that we want to advance the summer school 2024 and offer a broader view of the design and production of knitted and woven fabrics.

Summer school 2017-2022 – summer school of Fabric Patterning was oriented on the figural patterning of woven and knitted fabrics.

Summer school 2023 and more – summer school of 2D/3D fabric construction we want to move forward and show different techniques from the point of view of 2D and 3D woven and knitted structures. Techniques that will allow us to create a whole range of structures applicable in clothing and technical textiles (composites - reinforcements).

The summer school has been organized online since 2021. The quality of the online course is not affected, participants receive information in the same quality as in the face-to-face format, see photo gallery 2021-2023.

Using remote access, participants work with work stations on CAD systems where could prepare data for weaving and knitting. Subsequently, a demonstration of the production of the resulting woven and knitted structures is realised using on-line transmission.

NOTE: The conditions for remote access is a computer with WINDOWS and Internet access/connection (work stations with CAD systems are compatible only with WINDOWS). Each participant will receive remote access installation instructions before the start of the summer school, including a link to connect.

After the end of the summer school, the produced fabrics are sent to the participants' home addresses.

Woven fabric section is focused on jacquard 2D/3D structures realization using:
  • 2D/3D woven fabric construction (3D: multi-warp, multi-weft and multiple woven fabrics),
  • Preparation of pattern for 2D/3D woven fabric using CAD system EAT,
  • Processing of jacquard woven fabric using rapier weaving machine with electronic shedding mechanism STÄUBLI, BONAS.
Knitted fabric section is focused on 2D/3D structures realization using:
  • Weft knitted fabric patterning by means of SDS ONE APEX software,
  • Structure design, computer programming, simulation and exporting a knitted fabrics pattern,
  • Manufacturing of knitted fabrics (with using Jacquard system).
Learning outcomes for knitting and weaving sections:
  • Making of precise technical and scientific descriptions
  • Understanding the phenomena of machine gauge into the knitted composition as well as composition for jacquard weaving
  • Comprehension of the potential and possible utilization of machine technique
  • Learning to work with SDS-ONE APEX software
  • Learning to work with CAD EAT software
  • Designing a pattern, transferring it to jacquard knitted and woven fabric
  • Producing the fabrics in TU Liberec’s semi-production facilities
Language of instruction:
  • English
  • You will receive a Confirmation of study certificate and 5 ECTS credits in the course Construction and Fabric Design upon successful completion of the course.