Content of Online Summer School 2022 | Ft.Tul.cz

Faculty of Textile Engineering (FT) was founded in 1960. It is a high-profile, research-oriented institution that provides unique education across the whole spectrum of textile subjects and is highly active in research in nanotextiles, smart textiles, and their diverse applications. FT consists of 120 textile staff members and 1300 students in Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. programs.

Summer school 2022 is oriented on the patterning of woven and knitted fabric, including final fabrics realization using industrial machines. The main aim of the summer school is a realization from idea to final fabric in weaving as well as knitted section.

Woven fabric section is focused on jacquard structures realization using:
  • Preparation of pattern for patterning of woven fabric,
  • Creation of composition of the final design of woven fabric, using CAD EAT software,
  • Processing of jacquard woven fabric.
Knitted fabric section is focused on jacquard structures realization using:
  • Weft knitted fabric patterning by means of SDS ONE APEX software,
  • Design, preparation, simulation, and creation of a pattern of knitted fabrics
  • Processing of knitted fabrics (including Jacquard)
Learning outcomes:
  • Making of precise technical and scientific descriptions
  • Understanding the phenomena of machine gauge into the knitted composition as well as composition for jacquard weaving
  • Comprehension of the potential and possible utilization of machine technique
  • Learning to work with SDS-ONE APEX software
  • Learning to work with CAD EAT software
  • Designing a pattern, transferring it to jacquard knitted and woven fabric
  • Producing the fabrics in TU Liberec’s semi-production facilities
Language of instruction:
  • English
  • You will receive a Confirmation of study certificate and 5 ECTS credits in the course Construction and Fabric Design upon successful completion of the course.