Design, production, modelling and analysis of 1D and 2D textile structures and products

 August 26th - 30st 2024

The Faculty of Textile Engineering at the Technical University of Liberec was established in 1960. Its research activities focus on technology and innovation, new concepts for modeling fibrous assemblies, and methods for evaluating textile structures.


The Summer School provides an introduction to textile design, production, modeling, and analysis, with a focus on linear textile structures that are part of 2D and 3D hierarchical textiles. By understanding the laws, limitations, and context of linear textile structures and their properties, one can model and innovate linear products and gain a better understanding of 2D or 3D fabrics produced by e.g. weaving or knitting for various applications.


Main aim of this Summer School is to introduce the textile structure and thanks to methods learning by doing allow the participants get to know them.

  • Getting acquainted with basic principles of spinning including the terms used for linear textile description.

  • Understanding how the staple yarn for standard use is created.

  • Getting an idea about design and production of linear textile for specific application.

  • Modeling of selected textile parameters based on known theories for fibers, staple yarns and woven structure.

    Experience with application of the theoretical background for practical examples in textile area.

  • Basic knowledge of the environment and functions of image analysis and their possible use for qualification and quantification of textiles.

  • Practical experience with evaluation of selected qualitative characteristics via Image Analysis.